aino tytti 'millennium mills'
site visit: spiller's mill mill park cambridge cb1 2fn
aino tytti 'millennium mills' performance: ELAN studio meade house mill park cambridge cb1 2fg
19:00-21:00, performance 19:30-20:00

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Aino Tytti 'Millennium Mills'
With the restoration and redevelopment of Cambridge's Spillers Mill finally nearing completion at Cambridge Station, we present a very rare live appearance by Aino Tytti, a musician and sound artist who recently spent a year gathering sounds from Spiller's huge and long-derelict Millennium Mills -- another Victorian flourmill in London docklands. While surrounding sites were redeveloped for many years the mills were left to decay, in use mainly as film and TV locations, including notably, for Derek Jarman's 'The Last of England' (1988).

In exploring the sonic character of the building, Aino Tytti's obsessive approach made use of many techniques, including ambient field recording techniques, placing hydrophones in the nearby dock, as well as recording PA systems and vocal performances staged in the mill's vast internal spaces. These recordings were then processed to reveal further accents and textures, and harmonics carefully respecting the source locations and materials. Combining this approach with musical influences from the likes of Popul Vuh, Arvo Pärt, Throbbing Gristle and William Basinski, the resulting work is part decaying, part arresting, part hypnotic, drawing particular inspiration from the points where hope meets melancholia.

This event takes place in ELAN (Experimental Local Area Network) the new studio space for artist-led group Aid & Abet, situated within the recently built Mill Park. The space is adjacent to Cambridge's own Spillers Mill, now completely restored and redeveloped after years of closure and significant fire damage in 2010. Over the past five years Bad Timing has produced a number of site-specific events in conjunction with Aid & Abet in the cb1 redevelopment area around Cambridge Station, often exploring the hidden and now quickly vanishing industrial history of Cambridge through live events and commissioned sound works by Lee Patterson and MrUnderwood.

This event is presented as part of Bad Timing's Hidden Channels events series of meetings, workshops and live events focusing on sound and field recordings.

Interview, photos and samples:

past events:

mickey o'hara (US) krausen-ypsmael (DE) tim yates (UK)
cb2 basement 5–7 norfolk st cambridge cb1 2ld

(USA) 'is a musician from Worcester, Massachusetts. He plays in free-bloop duo Lean and noistronaut trio Gay Shapes. His solo work has been released on the Moss Archive and Ayurvedic labels. In the past, he has used tape, samples, and feedback systems to create his music, but the ROLLZ-5, a paper circuit drum machine by Peter Blasser is his current focus.' Non-event, MA

(DE) Munich-based improvisation duo, formed in 2013. S. Krausen (drums, percussion); Ypsmael (fx, reeds, bass/guitar, percussion, voice).

(UK) London-based live improviser and builder of experimental acoustic instruments and sound-making objects.

ASUNA '100 TOYS' (Asuna Arashi, Japan) john macedo grief athletes
cb2 basement 5–7 norfolk st cambridge cb1 2ld

(Asuna Arashi) uses large collections of multiples to explore interference and drones in installations and live performances. Evolving from previous projects EACH ORGAN and 100 Keyboards, the current tour 100 TOYS uses many tiny cheap toys to creates a multilayered and fascinating plastic universe of drones, loops, sonic moiré and occasional pop implosions.

is a sound artist from London. He has incorporated everything from acoustic instruments and environmental sound to analogue and computer synthesis into his recorded works, live performances and sound installations. He has a pluralistic approach which reveals the ephemeral and hidden potential in all sounds, environments and technologies, often in intimate, immersive and intuitive ways. He performs solo and in collaboration with other musicians on modular synthesizer and custom-made software and electronics.


bad timing and The Alchemical Landscape present: The Other Side: An Audiophonic Séance: a night of dead formats, traces, sites and spectres from the underground Howlround Documents Evie Salmon & James Riley performing 'Dust' bad timing djs
judith e wilson drama studio faculty of english 9 west road cambridge cb3 9dp

is an ongoing exploration of the possibilities of magnetic tape as a creative medium for electronic music. Their live performances and compositions are created entirely by manipulating tape loops of natural acoustic sounds on vintage reel-to-reel machines, with additional reverb or electronic effects strictly forbidden. Their fourth LP Tales From the Black Tangle was released at the end of 2015 and was a dark and compelling concoction of industrial sirens, foghorns, seawash, ship to shore distress signals and even the creaking of a Broadcasting House microphone cradle in need of some oil.

'Uncanny, mesmerising, difficult and sublime' The Quietus

is a nascent development of the long running creative occult project English Heretic. Documents has been set up to explore a remit of ethnographic recordings from the imaginal world. Combining the aesthetic of Bataille's surrealist journal "Documents" with the hermetic psychology of James Hillman, the project represents a deepening of the themes laid out by English Heretic. Documents first broadcast was released on the Eighth Climate imprint in December 2015.

Documents will perform two pieces. "Music For The Execution Of Geoffrey Firmin" An imaginary séance for the tragic protagonist of Malcolm Lowry's "Under The Volcano" abstracting dialogue from the film adaptation of Lowry's book to achieve rapport the spectre of Firmin. "Last Broadcast at Boleskine" manipulates field recordings taken at the cemetery overlooked by Aleister Crowley's notorious Loch Ness home. These recordings, carried out on the 1st December 2015, anniversary of Crowley's death, shortly before Boleskine House burned down, constitute music to precipitate the violent demise of an abode on the borderland. Together these pieces explore landscape, film and documentary dialogue as a form of theatrical EVP.

Evie Salmon and James Riley
work across multiple faculties at the University of Cambridge. They co-direct The Alchemical Landscape, an ongoing research and public engagement project looking at occulture and geography.

'Dust' is a speculative investigation into the afterlife of two lost recordings by Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs. Spoken word, archival murmurings and dead formats.

bad timing djs

Recent special events include 'Tyburnia at Castle Hill' in conjunction with the Museum of Cambridge and 'Hidden Channels' at Cambridge Museum of Technology.


bad timing exists to create unique live music, sound and art events in Cambridge, making regular events happen in venues of all kinds and in other unusual spaces — wherever they can be made to happen. BT brings touring artists to the city from across the world and works with a core of experimental and innovative artists based in Cambridge and beyond, making connections and seeking out performance opportunities.

BT is interested in live events beyond the 'gig' format and has worked with many of the city's visual arts organisations including Kettle's Yard, Aid & Abet and Wysing Arts Centre as well as several Cambridge city museums to develop its own cross-arts projects and provide opportunities to other artists and musicians to work in new ways.

Founded in 2001, Bad Timing is now in its 16th year of activity.

past commissions and productions

2016 The Other Side: An Audiophonic Séance Created with The Alchemical Landscape research group at the University of Cambridge.

2015 Tyburnia at Castle Hill with Dead Rat Orchestra and The Museum of Cambridge Day of site-specific events around the lost site of Cambridge's gallows at Castle Hill. Museum of Cambridge, Castle End Mission and Castle Hill area walk.

Live soundtrack event by Dead Rat Orchestra with film by James Holcombe, panel discussion. History walk, discussion and temporary exhibition created by Tamsin Wimhurst at the Museum of Cambridge.

2014 Hidden Channels: sound, art and technology, 13-21 Sept Site-specific exhibition and live event at Cambridge Museum of Technology. New commission from Jez Riley French 'five resonances (fluid)' premiered. Stephen Cornford 'Archipelago' UK debut showing. Holly Rumble new site-specific performance 'Fortune', John Chantler, Graham Dunning, Chloe Leaper, Peter Sutton, local radio.

2014 monomania: a one-day international festival of solitary and obsessive creative experience across live art, sound, music, visual art and technology. Aid & Abet artspace, Cambridge Junction and Cambridge Station area.

past visiting live artists

Aino Tytti, Tim Yates, Howlround, English Heretic, Consumer Electronics, Circuit Breaker, Dead Rat Orchestra, Simon Scott, C Joynes, Laura Cannell, Richard Dawson, John Chantler, Graham Dunning, Chris Corsano, Mick Flower, Heatsick, Lee Patterson, Sean Dower, Sarah Angliss, Land Observations, Holly Rumble, John Boursnell, Container, Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso UFO, Robert Curgenven, |||人 (Paul Abbott/Daichi Yoshikawa/Seymour Wright), Benedict Drew, NHK yx KOYHEN, Sylvester Anfang II, Ensemble Economique, High Wolf, R Stevie Moore, B J Nilsen, Pimmon, Solina Hi-fi, Sculpture, Hacker Farm, Drum Eyes, Astral Social Club, Harry Merry, Our Love Will Destroy The World, Alexander Tucker, Dieter Moebius, Chris Forsyth, Tetuzi Akiyama, James Ferraro, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Volcano The Bear, Atsuhiro Ito, Hair Police, Family Battlesnake, Part Wild Horse Mane on Both Sides, Prurient/Cold Cave, Damo Suzuki, Felix Kubin, Wolf Eyes, Disinformation, Pita vs Z'EV, Bugbrand, Keith Fullerton Whitman, DJ Scotch Egg, Kevin Blechdom, Venetian Snares, Panda Bear, Ariel Pink, John Maus, Leafcutter John, Ergo Phizmiz, Goodiepal, Janek Schaefer, V/Vm and many more ...


bad timing
bad timing

bad timing exists to make live events happen across sound, music, art and technology. Since late 2001 it has brought innovative artists from across the world and around the UK to Cambridge.

hidden channels
bad timing

Special events and discussions about sound, active listening, sound-making and field recording in the Cambridge area.
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monomania festival 2014 Richard Dawson

Monomania is a project which celebrates obsessive, solitary and individual creative experiences.

Monomania Festival 2014 happened at Aid & Abet warehouse artspace, Cambridge Junction and the Cambridge Station cb1 redevelopment area. Artists working solo created commissioned works, performances and workshops over the course of a day.

self assembly
bad timing

Self Assembly is Bad Timing's purpose-built arts centre for Cambridge. The 7-capacity space includes gallery, screening and live performance areas. Originally constructed as part of Art As A Full Time Hobby at Aid & Abet warehouse in 2011, it has since appeared in a Cambridge terrace living room and as part of Lotusland at Changing Spaces Project Space (2015).

Apart from the residential living room, it has survived the demolition or closure of all these spaces as well as the place it was constructed, Reworks warehouse workshop and studios.


Hidden Channels meet up for Cambridge-area sound artists and field recordists

Starting soon: informal meet and share sessions for anyone interested in field recordings and sound art based in the Cambridge area.

DIY, academic, freelance, commercial — all welcome.

4th November 2015 22:48

Festival of Ideas / Art:Language:Location

October in Cambridge.

1st November 2015 22:29

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Monomania is a project which celebrates obsessive, solitary and individual creative experiences.

Monomania Festival 2014 happened at Aid & Abet warehouse artspace, Cambridge Junction and the surrounding area. Artists working solo created commissioned works, performances and workshops over the course of a day.



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